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Tommy has been creating music since the year 2000 and has been involved in the production of well over 40 records. From his humble beginnings recording songs on a cassette styled answering machine to tracking in fancier estdablishments like Seahorse Sound, The Bunker,  Sound of Sirens, and his own Castle Barf Studios, below you can check out just about everything he's ever worked on...


CANCER CHRIST - "God is Violence" (coming soon) - 2023 - [sweatband records, seeing red records]

(Composer, Producer, Guitar, Engineer, Vocals, Sound Design, Lyrics)

Highlighting our nations tendency toward violence, hypocrisy, and hatred as the "American way", Cancer Christ creates a cacophonous, albeit catchy, debut full length LP, with tracks like "GOD HATES COPS" and "JESUS GOT A BIG OLE COCK"...


Is it satire? Or is it a call to action for our the hordes of everyday people who are fed up with how this planet has been misled for millennia? 


SQUID PISSER - "Dreams of Puke" (coming soon) - 2023 - [sweatband records, skin graft]

(Composer, Producer, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Engineer, Sound Design, Lyrics)

Grimy, slimy, chaotically fucked, yet somehow hooky at the same time... DREAMS OF PUKE blasts fiercely as Meehans purest battle cry to date. All instrumentation and vocals (aside from drums, played by the incredible SETH CAROLINA) are written and performed by Tommy. The album is a calling card. A purging of self in order to become an even truer self...


SQUID PISSER - "Vaporize a Neighbor" (coming soon) - 2023 - [sweatband records, skin graft]

(Composer, Producer, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Engineer, Sound Design, Lyrics)

A teaser to DREAMS OF PUKE, this EP, features a track from the upcoming LP, 2 unreleased songs, and a Demo version of "LIQUIFIED REMAINS" (from MY TADPOLE LEGION)...


MELTED BODIES - "New Album" (coming soon) - 2023


Tommy and the "art school weirdos" in MELTED BODIES have worked with together before (releasing their debut "ENJOY YOURSELF" LP on SWEATBAND RECORDS). They team up again here, this time in the recording studio with Meehan engineering guitars at ABC REHEARSAL STUDIOS in Los Angeles, CA...

Screen Shot 2023-07-07 at 6.47.51 PM.png

SQUID PISSER - "My Tadpole Legion" - 2023 - [sweatband records, three one g]

(Composer, Producer, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Engineer, Sound Design, Lyrics)

Debut LP featuring a smorgasbord of guest vocals from bands like, THE LOCUST, STARCRAWLER, MELT BANANA, PUNCH, NEKROGOBLIKON, etc.

This first SQUID PISSER release was met with favorable critic responses as "one of the most chaotic and interesting sounding records of 2023..."


CANCER CHRIST - "Satan is a Bitch" - 2023 - [sweatband records, seeing red records]

(Composer, Producer, Guitar, Engineer, Producer, Vocals, 

Sound Design, Lyrics)

Released as a teaser to "GOD IS VIOLENCE", "SATAN IS A BITCH" gives a secular glimpse of what's soon to come. Containing 4 almost experimental tracks and b-sides, the record is held up by it's title track. Chaotic and noisy yet traditional by structure, the guitars lean heavily into NOISE as melody. This release also marks the addition of several new SNAKE BOYS. Released as a 500 batch on SWEATBAND RECORDS and SEEING RED RECORDS.


DEAF CLUB "Bad Songs Forever" - 2022 - [sweatband records, three one g]

(Guitar, Vocals, Engineer)

Experimenting with mid-tempo song writing really allows the guitar work to breathe in a way that it hadn't been able to before. Angular and atonal melodies clash with angular and atonal rhythmic guitars. Copious amounts of fuzz, noise, and feedback.  


Features a cover of BROKEN FACE (The Pixies)...


SILENT SCUM "Toxic Waterfall" - 2022 - [sweatband records]

(Producer, Engineer,  Programming, Bass, Vocals)

When he was just 9 years old, Tommy's younger brother LUCAS VALENTE MEEHAN recorded the bulk of "TOXIC WATERFALL" on his moms iPhone straight into the telephone's mic. No amp no electricity.


Tommy took the guitar ideas, re-amped the signal, added bass and drums, and what was barfed out the other end is a chaotic and harmonically un-hinged body of music reminiscent of something along the lines of FANTÔMAS meets BUCKETHEAD...


CANCER CHRIST - "The Blood of Jesus EP" - 2021 - [sweatband records]

(Composer, Producer, Guitar, Engineer, Vocals, Sound Design, Lyrics)

CANCER CHRIST's first 3 songs in all their raw and gruesome glory. 3 instant classics. The 7" EP split with WACKO sold out almost immediately and is now a highly sought after collectible.


DEAF CLUB - "Productive Disruption" - 2021 - [sweatband records, three one g]

(Guitar, Vocals, Engineer)

14 tracks. Meehan injects a sci-fi flavor to this hardcore leaning collection of dissonance and all out aggression. 

Synth guitar, ring mod, glitch, and a slew of other pedal selections fuse to create a sonic tapestry of totally organized chaos.


CANCER CHRIST - Sweatband Records Presents... Neon Corpse Parade Vol 1" - "The Blood of Jesus [demo version]" - 2020 - [sweatband records]
(Composer, Producer, Guitar, Vocals, Engineer, Mixing)

Tommy and Saint Anthony teamed up to curate and release this wild as fuck compilation record in 2020. The album contains the first CANCER CHRIST song ever, a demo version of "THE BLOOD OF JESUS". With Meehan composing and record all the music and Anthony's first ever effort in the musical realm, this limited to 300 release on hot pink 12" vinyl sold out almost immediately.


DEAF CLUB - "The Wait" - 2020 - [sweatband records, three one g]

(Guitar, Vocals, Engineer)

A cover of KIILING JOKE's "THE WAIT"...


The band covered this because Metallica covered it in 1998 and Metallica is DEAF CLUB's favorite band by far.


ANEMOMETER - "An Affordable Paradigm" - 2020 - [sweatband records]

(Additional Production)

The files for an entire un-released album were found by MYKE CHILIAN on the late great DAMIEN THOMPSON's desktop computer. Chilian called upon Meehan to help finish and release the record and that's what they did.


The album emits an emotional heft by way of soft synths, orchestral instrumentations, and voice memos by Dameon himself. 


CHUM OUT! - "Now Dust Surrounds You" - 2020

(Composer, Producer, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Programming,

Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)

More terribly noisy and chaotically avant garde all out aggression summoned forth by drum machines, groove boxes, shredded vocal chords and experimental field recordings by Tommy Meehan and Jimmy Turner.


THE MANX - Sweatband Records Presents... Neon Corpse Parade Vol 1" - "Quit Yer Job" - 2020 - [sweatband records]
(Composer, Producer, Electric Banjo, Vocals, Engineer, Mixing)

THE MANX's final statement comes in the form of the appropriately titled, "QUIT YER JOB"... The band simplifies their approach here to channel one of the purest feelings. Anger... Pissed off at corporate America and the work force in general, the boys execute their own version of hardcore here through use of accordion, mandolin, banjo, stand up bass and drums... With their nastiest vocal passes to date, THE MANX goes out in a blaze of "fuck you"'s to everything (including itself)...


THE MANX "Lazer Lemons" - 2020 - [sweatband records]

(Composer, Producer, Electric Banjo, Vocals, Engineer)

Recorded with Toshi Kasai at Sound of Sirens Studios, Lazer Lemons has been referred to as The Manx's best "POP SONG"... Simplicity in structure and quirked out instrumentation give this track it's own unique vibe in the catalogue of Manx songs. But then again, all Manx songs live in their own special sphere.


Released on 7" vinyl as a split with FART BARF


THE MANX "Malibu Slime" - 2019 - [sweatband records]

(Composer, Producer, Electric Banjo, Vocals, Engineer)

Written and recorded after having discovered their newly found love of surfing, THE MANX wrote an album that embraced and encapsulated a bubbly, frothy, and grimed out "ocean-trash" type of vibe. Co-mingling with the ultra rich residents of Malibu California made the boys feel like SLIME... Thus the name, "MALIBU SLIME"...


CHUM OUT! "Death Orb" - 2019 - [sweatband records]

(Composer, Producer, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Programming, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)

Having written and recorded most of the album back in 2009, the collection of songs sat un-finished for several years until the duo decided to finish what they had started nearly a decade earlier. More experimental madness in the realm of horrifying chaos magic and and digital terrorism... 


THE MANX "Mystery Skum and the Odyssey of Goo" - 2018 - [sweatband records]

(Composer, Producer, Electric Banjo, Vocals, Programming, Remixes, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)

Acting as an experimental bridge between "VOYAGE IN BAD TASTE" and "MALIBU SLIME" the album of B-Sides, remixes and re-imaginings features guest musicians from bands like THE MELVINS, MAN MAN, BLOOD BROTHERS, etc. 


CHUM OUT! "Prison Shit" - 2018 - [sweatband records]

(Composer, Producer, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Programming, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)

90 seconds of music crammed onto a 4" lathe cut record. The two 45 second tracks play out more as a film score than anything else. 


RAZZLE BLASTER"The Cricket Mix" - 2010 - [sweatband records]

(Composer, Producer, Guitar, Vocals, Programming, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)

Remixes and re-imaginings of "former" RAZZLE BLASTER songs... This album was recorded in a time of extreme poverty and despair for Meehan. Literally surrounded by cockroaches and trash, the environment and confusion can be heard and felt in these recordings... The computer used to track and edit was BARELY in working condition and would crash constantly. The completion of this album was true test of perseverance for Meehan and his drive to create...


THE MANX "Voyage in Bad Taste" - 2016 - [sweatband records]

(Composer, Producer, Banjo, Vocals)

Mixing folk instruments with copious amounts of guitar effects, ridiculous arrangements, and totally manic vocal stylings, the Manx Boys' "VOYAGE IN BAD TASTE" is a truly experimental collection of tracks. The album incorporates classical string and horn sections, guest vocals from BUZZ OSBORNE and GREGORY JACOBSEN, and a vast spectrum of sonic stylings and approaches. 


CHUM OUT! - "American Faggots" - 2016 - [sweatband records]

(Composer, Producer, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Drum Programming, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)

After a 6 year hiatus, CHUM OUT! returns with the boldly titled "American Faggots". Having grown up in small towns surrounded by narrow minded bigots and hateful jocks, Tommy and Jimmy wanted to record an album that would commemorate the persecution and discrimination they'd often witness and experience as young creatives.

Musically, the duo expands it's sound while maintaining it's coarse and experimental chaotic beginnings. 


THE BROCKLY TACOS "Child Mayonnaise" - 2006 and 2016 - [sweatband records]

(Composer, Producer, Guitar, Vocals, Programming, Sound Design, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering)

Tommy recorded 90% of Child Mayonnaise the year he moved to Los Angeles and waited a decade to finish it in order to collaborate with his original vocalist, "Mr. Lego"... The reunion, unfortunately, never took place. So 10 years after commencement, he flew "Can-Man" down to Los Angeles and they finally wrapped tracking for the album. The record also features guest vocals by the late Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus) of GWAR.


WHITEHEAD "Goth Fag" - 2016 - [sweatband records]

(Composer, Producer, Guitar, Bass Vocals, Programming, Sound Design, Engineering)

Another commentary and satire on society's persecution of sexual preference and lifestyle choices, "GOTH FAG" is essentially a parody of the 90's gothic industrial movement that Meehan grew up loving however it's tough to tell whether or not the songs are meant to feel jokey...


THE MANX - "Little Slices of Phlegm" - 2015 - [sweatband records]

(Composer, Producer, Banjo, Vocals, Engineering, Mastering)

An odds and ends promotional CD SAMPLER created for their 2015 US tour with NEKROGOBLIKON, the record contains alternative mixes of classic tracks, strange commentary, and a medley of music from the NICKELODEON television pilot they scored.


THE MANX - "Whispy Caverns" 2014 - [sweatband records]

(Composer, Producer, Banjo, Vocals, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering)

Another bizarre b-sides and remixes album, "WHISPY CAVERNS" contains demos, field recordings and live tracks documenting THE MANX's days as a weirdo folk punk band that never quite stylistically fit into the scene but were embraced by the community anyhow...


THE MANX - "Blood Chronicles" - 2013 - [sweatband records]

(Composer, Producer, Banjo, Vocals, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering)

The BLOOD CHRONICLES EP marks THE MANX's first collaboration with prolific film maker MIKE MANASEWITSCH. The video for "BLOOD GOLD" was one of the first of many film projects for the band. 4 tracks on blood puddle 7" vinyl.


THE MANX - "Storms Thrashing Our Vessel" - 2012 [sweatband records]

(Composer, Producer, Banjo, Vocals, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering)

Recorded in the kitchen of Meehan's Koreatown studio apartment with hordes of cockroaches rooting them on, the album oozes with an authentic crust punk intensity. 6 tracks about epic adventure and epic poverty, the folk ensemble and acoustic orchestration was highly experimental for the group of metal and noise loving musicians.


RAZZLE BLASTER - "The Banana Split" - 2011 - [sweatband records]

(Composer, Producer, Guitar, Vocals, Programming, Engineer, Mixing)

As Tommy attempted to resurrect his RAZZLE BLASTER project, he was writing a  lot of experimental songs with his KORG ESX groove box. For drums he employed UPSILON ACRUX drummer Mark Kimbrell, and recorded all instruments himself. With lots of guitar synth fx and stream of consciousness chaos, the 2 tracks were extremely experimental.


THE MANX "The Banana Split" - "Sacred Thistles" - 2011 - [sweatband records]

(Composer, Producer, Banjo, Vocals, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering)

It's the very first thing Tommy ever wrote on banjo and it's the very first MANX song. "Sacred Thistles" is a parody of the burgeoning folk punk movement of the early 2010's but that doesn't mean the band wasn't a fan of the scenes


CO-OP"Human Resources Training Instructions" - 2010

(Additional Vocals)

Tommy joins long time best pal, animation and musical collaborator MYKE CHILIAN to throw down some guest vocals on CO-OP's "HUMAN RESOURCES TRAINING INSTRUCTIONS"... A filthy and spazzy record about the trials and tribulations of life in the white collar work force.


CHUM OUT! - Split with DJ EMBRYONIC PETIT SAC - 2009 - [sweatband records]

(Composer, Producer, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Drum Programming, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering)

Technically the first SWEATBAND RECORDS release. The 7" record is a mindfuck of lock grooves and experimental noise. 


RAZZLE BLASTER - "Perfect Pink" - 2008 - [sweatband records]

(Composer, Producer, Guitar, Vocals, Sound Design)

RAZZLE BLASTER's second EP. 5 songs of spazzed out, glitched out, madness. The album opens up with a repetitive and slime slathered pound out poetry slam about turning into BLUE GOO...  The record eventually careens haphazardly down a black hole of pop punk and gore-grind with titles like, "ARMADILLO PILLOW FIGHT" and "DON'T GET MAD AT DANDRUFF DAD"...


RAZZLE BLASTER - "Shopping... With Leeches!!!" - 2007

(Composer, Producer, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Sound Design)

RAZZLE BLASTER's debut release dives into noise, dissonance, and abrasive texture as melody. Combining complex rhythmic sections, and a vocal contributions by a varied range of singers, the album was limited to 100 CD's and sold out during RAZZLE BLASTER's brief run of live shows in 2008.


THE BROCKLY TACOS - "Abra Cabubble" - 2005

(Composer, Producer, Guitar, Vocals, Programming, Sound Design, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering)

Recorded in Tommy's mothers kitchen just day's before moving to Los Angeles, "ABRA CABUBBLE" is the definition of "let's hit record and see what happens"... Experimental and objectively crappy, the project served as a commemoration of the friendship between Meehan and his creative partner and teen years pal, "KOOL-AID" aka "JJ The JUICE JUG"...


THE BROCKLY TACOS - "Bionic Midget" - 2004

(Composer, Producer, Guitar, Vocals, Programming, Sound Design, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering)

Tommy's first time multitracking separated individual channels, "BIONIC MIDGET" was tracked on a BR-8 BOSS DIGITAL RECORDER. Using programmed beats and sounds from FROOTY LOOPS, layered guitars and vocals, this next level "studio" experience opened Meehan up to a new world of creativity. Another bizarre and twisted record with songs of zany characters in ludicrous predicaments and the myriad of inside jokes formed by then high school students THE BROCKLY TACOS...



(Composer, Guitar)

The most commercial record Tommy ever took part in... This record sort of straddles the lines of pop-rock, reggae, adult-contemporary, and emo. Another experiment for Meehan as he was previously unfamiliar with performing such genres. "MONKEY MADE DINOSAUR" and "TABLE FOR ONE" are the stand out tracks here. 


THE BROCKLY TACOS - "Bloody Pudding" - 2003

(Composer, Producer, Guitar, Vocals, Programming, Sound Design, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering)

Recording an entire album on a BOSS DR. SAMPLE SP303 is stupid and frustrating. But it sounds WAY better than recording an entire album on a Panasonic answering machine so "BLOODY PUDDING" was a huge step up in quality. The album depicts the tales of "The Fearless Pumpkin Warrior" and " Mr. Lego" as they battle each other for "The Deed to The Brockly Tacos Company..."



(Composer, Guitar)

BLOOD CLOT REFRIGERATOR is Tommy's first project that consisted of actual other members. The band sucked and it was frustrating because nobody wanted to rehearse and everyone in it wasn't very good at music but neither was Tommy but he was willing to try and get better and the other guys were all 4 years older than Tommy and Tommy was 14 and the project was whack but it was at least something... 

Moldy Boof.bmp

DOGPILE - "Moldy Boof" - 2000
(Composer, Producer, Guitar, Vocals, Casio Keyboard, Pots and Pans, Answering Machine)

Equipped with zero musical or technical knowledge whatsoever, Tommy recorded "MOLDY BOOF" entirely on a Panasonic answering machine. These experimental recordings captured Tommy's very first explorations of sound and music. 


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