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In addition to countless solo and compositional works, Tommy has poured himself into a number of different bands since his teen years. At 14 he worked a movie theater job for 8 months in order to save enough cash for his first half stack (which finally gave him the volume he needed in order to play in a band setting.)


Most of these projects have oozed with bizarre and experimental overtones in some form or another. From "cartoon metal" and "slimy folk-punk" to "squid-core" and "reptilian noise violence", the goal to create something unique and fresh is usually what drives Meehan.


Currently, Tommy is focused primarily on SQUID PISSER and CANCER CHRIST. Both are noisy, aggressive and sonically abrasive. They both also happen to be "theatrical" in nature with both acts putting emphasis on an ominous and chaotic visual presence by use of face masks and powerful imagery. 


(2024 - Current) 


GWAR has been Tommy's favorite band since he was in high school. In 2024, he joined as GRODIUS MAXIMUS... Lead guitar player and dolphin fucker of the legendary rock group band from outer space...

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SQUID PISSER LOGO black my tadpole legion.png

(2020 - Current) Los Angeles, CA


SQUID PISSER was an idea that had been eagerly awaiting it's birth for well over a decade. The project began as a prolific and furious period of writing in Tommy's home studio during 2020.


Seth Carolina (STARCRAWLER) joined shortly after to handle drum duties and the duo recorded 3 releases worth of material. "My Tadpole Legion" (Three One G), "Vaporize a Neighbor" (Skin Graft), and "Dreams of Puke" (Sweatband Records).


Now a 5 piece, the band has teamed up with 33 and West and Atonal Agency for booking and are currently prepping to hit the road for extensive touring.

Band Members: Seth Carolina, Michael Armendariz, Corey Wolford, Kieran, and Tommy Meehan

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(2020 - Current) Los Angeles, CA


What began as a shit talking session on conservative America between Meehan and Saint Anthony Mehlhaff in 2020, CANCER CHRIST has quickly become a fan favorite within the burgeoning Los Angeles punk scene and beyond. Live sermons include illegal use of a flamethrower, blood baptisms, fans dressed as nuns, tons of confetti, and lots and lots of Snake People.


The band put out 2 eps (The "The Blood of Jesus" and "Satan is a Bitch") and are currently awaiting the pressing of their debut full length LP ("God is Violence") out on Seeing Red Records and Sweatband Records. The group is slated to tour with EYEHATEGOD and **** later this year.

Band Members: Saint Anthony Mehlhaff, Snake Boss, Apocalypse Snake, Candy Snake, Diesel Snake, Piss Snake, Chain Snake, Missing Snake, Snake Babe, Snake Momma, and countless other Snake Boys...

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(2020 - 2023) Los Angeles, CA


Formed by Brian Amalfitano and Justin Pearson in 2019, the band's first live performance took place opening up for THE MANX's "Malibu Slime" release show. Shortly after, the band asked Tommy to join as their guitar player.


The quintet ran several tours and went on to produce 3 releases ("Productive Disruption", "The Wait", and "Bad Songs Forever") before Tommy's departure in 2023.

Band Members: Justin Pearson, Brian Amalfitano, Scott Osment, Jason Klein, Colin Smith and Tommy Meehan

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(2010 - 2020) Los Angeles, CA


This group of animation industry veterans ended up, essentially, creating their own genre defying genre. They called it GOO-CORE (the band would douse themselves in colorful goo before performances).


Composing and arranging for accordion, custom electric banjo, mandolin hybrids, stand up bass and drums, forced the boys to think far outside the box with their song writing. The project toured the US, produced a ton of music videos, and even became the house band for a NICKELODEON television pilot (among countless other collaborations with members of bands like THE MELVINS, LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS, THE LOCUST, QUI,  BLOOD BROTHERS and more...)


With 10 releases in 10 years, THE MANX were constantly experimenting with different sonic approaches, leaving behind a truly eclectic discography... 

Band Members: Myke Chilian, Max Winston, Zach Zdziebko, Adam Barnes and Tommy Meehan

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(2009 - Current) Los Angeles, CA


An exercise in aural and performative disgust... Leaning heavily into noise and chaos through abuse of synthesizers, drum machines, guitar and vocals, CHUM OUT! was born of poverty and despair.


The band developed it's sound in a period of time when the duo was (figuratively and literally) constantly surrounded by cockroaches, rats, and lots of alcohol.


CHUM OUT! have produced 6 dementedly experimental releases since 2009 and have played countless DIY noise bills throughout California (and one in Miami, FL).

Band Members: Jimmy Turner and Tommy Meehan

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brockly logo white.png

(2003 - 2005) Novato CA


Originating in comic book form from notes passed back and forth in class at Novato High School, THE BROCKLY TACOS is a project rich with lore, story, and tons of characters. Led by "The Fearless Pumpkin Warrior" (Tommy Meehan) and "Mr. Lego", the band created their own cult of misfits and weirdos in the Northern California town of Novato California.


The band would regularly play shows at the famous PHOENIX THEATER in Petaluma, CA with some of their favorite bands like NUCLEAR RABBIT, HOSTILITY, HORSE THE BAND, and more.


The group released 4 strange albums rooted in oddly orchestrated metal and experimental stylings. Their final release ("CHILD MAYONNAISE") features a cameo from the late great DAVE BROCKIE of GWAR fame...

Band Members: Luis Briones, Gaelon Davis, Sean Cannon, Mike Rosario, Jesse Maxwell, Sam Hickerson, Jeremy Williams, and Tommy Meehan.

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(2006 - 2008) Los Angeles, CA


Aggressively odd and experimentally pissy, the band's spazzed out rhythms, deranged melodic sensibilities,  grimy sonic textures, and psychotic vocal approaches garnered intrigue and attention in the hey day of


The group played a handful of live shows in Los Angeles and went on to released 4 records.


Ultimately, Meehan experienced difficulty in finding musicians who could physically perform the parts that he was writing and when he fell into financial hardship in the late 2000's, the idea for executing a hardcore band of such musical ambition was shelved until the formation of SQUID PISSER almost 13 years later...

Band Members: Greg Atria, Drew Scott, Flanders Bayliss, Rusty Kennedy, Jimmy Turner, Corey Hebert, and Tommy Meehan

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Screenshot 2023-07-23 at 1.40.29 AM.png

(2004 ) Petaluma, CA


As a 3 piece instrumental band founded in aggressive slap bass, angular shred guitar, frenetic punk drums, and catchy little ditties, THE ZOMBIE SQUAD was the closest thing to a jam band that Meehan was ever involved in.


The trio would flow through several different musical themes within a given song. Building things up and and then removing all footing completely in order to introduce new motif after new motif.


The band was influenced largely by other Bay Area acts like BUCKETHEAD and NUCLEAR RABBIT. They released a single rehearsal demo tape called "4 Songs of Death" and played one show at The Phoenix Theater before disbanding.

Band Members: Bob Solden, "Wiesel", and Tommy Meehan

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exposure LOGO black on white.png

(2003 - 2005) Petaluma, CA


While in his teens, Tommy started frequenting The Phoenix Theater where local rock stars and teen sensations EXPOSURE seemed to always be opening up for bands that were touring through town.


When the band needed a new guitar player, Tommy joined and the group wrote enough material for their first release together ("Hi 5's and Handshakes") in just a few months. A poppy, hard-rock and almost adult contemporary experiment in "sophisticated" music for Meehan, the band attracted a predominantly female fan base with songs like "Table For One" and "Banana Hammock".

Band Members: Brandon Hall, Ross Fernandez, Luis Briones, and Tommy Meehan

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Blood Clot Refrigerator Logo.png

(2001 - 2002) Petaluma, CA


Adapting many of the songs he had written for his solo project (DOGPILE), Meehan formed BLOOD CLOT REFRIGERATOR with a group of "older kids" he met on a Harmony Central forum. The music is strange, dark, and playful. Filled with quirky tapping riffs and bizarre effects loaded passages, the songs were simple yet odd. The band produced a rehearsal/demo tape entitled "Cow Sheep Pig" .

Band Members: Derek, Kenny, Dave, Eli, Nathan, and Tommy 

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(2000 - 2001) Novato, CA


Tommy was interested in making music for years before he ever owned an instrument. At 13 he finally got his first guitar and shortly after he found an old 80's Panasonic answering machine in a trash heap near his apartment.


He recorded 2 albums worth of material on the machine ("Pink Chain" and "Dead Lights" which were then compiled into a "Best Of" CD entitled "Moldy Boof").


Using a Casio keyboard, his mothers cooking pots for percussion, and his brand new Epiphone strat copy, he experimented with song structure, noise, guitar technique, vocals, and engineering.


These first attempts at songs and storytelling are abstract, quirky, dark, silly, and cryptic. 

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